Tuesday, 26 January 2016

4 years later....

Thanks everyone for reading my article. And special thank to those who left a comment. 

After about 4 years, our Omazz bed is still in good condition. Only complain I have is that the bed is very heavy and turning it around every 4-6mths is physically challenging for us. 

My wife and I travelled frequently and many times we have missed our bed back home. So far, I feel only the bed in W hotels provide similar comfort as the Omazz. They use Simmon bed- good spring system with a thick foam at the top to provide comfort. Hence, maybe the thick foam mimic the Omazz's foam layers b

We doesn't feel hot sleeping on it. This may be because we place a mattress protector and uses cotton bed sheet with high thread counts. 

This is the end of my update. Hope that this update helps. Keep the comments coming in.