Tuesday, 26 January 2016

4 years later....

Thanks everyone for reading my article. And special thank to those who left a comment. 

After about 4 years, our Omazz bed is still in good condition. Only complain I have is that the bed is very heavy and turning it around every 4-6mths is physically challenging for us. 

My wife and I travelled frequently and many times we have missed our bed back home. So far, I feel only the bed in W hotels provide similar comfort as the Omazz. They use Simmon bed- good spring system with a thick foam at the top to provide comfort. Hence, maybe the thick foam mimic the Omazz's foam layers b

We doesn't feel hot sleeping on it. This may be because we place a mattress protector and uses cotton bed sheet with high thread counts. 

This is the end of my update. Hope that this update helps. Keep the comments coming in.


Monday, 28 November 2011

Tempur and Sealy

Last last Friday, my wife and I went down to the Tempur store in Marina Square. We tried all the available mattresses in the store and I came to one conclusion- for Tempur mattresses, you either love it and hate it.

When you lie on Tempur, you feel as if you are sinking in and the memory foam conforms perfectly to your body contours. Its a funny feeling if you have never slept on a memory foam bed before. It feels great and I could not feel any pressure point on my body at all (with the exception that my wife complained that she felt at her shoulder when she lies on her side on a slightly firmer Tempur). However, after lying for about 5 mins or more, I felt a bit warm as the foam is fully in contact with my body and the foam does trap heat. If you are worried about indentation of the memory foam in the future, worry not as Tempur warranty covers the quality of the foam itself, viz, indentation of 1 inch or more is covered under the warranty.

The one thing that I really don't like about Tempur is that it is very difficult to turn and toss on the bed as the memory foam absorbs the forces that you exert on the mattress when you try to turn. It may not be a bad thing since Tempur reported that their research shown that majority of the people turn and toss much lesser when they sleep on Tempur mattress. But, I seriously believe that it is not a suitable bed for couple (think of what couple do on bed). :) Anyway, we shortlisted Tempur Sensation mattress since we feel its firmness is best suit us.

The next day, we went to Sealy's flagship store at Tanglin Place. We tried on the Hotel's collections mattresses - soft, medium, firm- which are exclusive only to this Sealy store. We also tried on a few other mattresses and shortlisted the Bearly series that does not comes with a sewed-on pillow top. Don't get us wrong, we also like the hotel's collection- the medium firmness, but I am worried about the pillow top which is made of high quality foam (as claimed by the sale lady). Although, Sealy's warranty covers the spring and sinking of the mattress, it does not covers the quality of the foam or inner fills. That is, if the foam get too flat after a few years, I can nether change the pillow top since its sewed-on, nor I can request for Sealy to change it. Another option is to lay another layer of pillow top over the bed, but I don't like it as this means additional cost in the future.

Next post : The remaining 2 Ss.....Serta and Simmons

Monday, 21 November 2011

My first mattress...Omazz FeDiko Mattress

Last weekend was tiring for me and my wife. Instead of our usual weekend where we normally would at least spend the sunday at home 'recuperating' and prepare for the coming week, we went shopping for our first mattress, or maybe I should say we went around LYING on various mattresses! Ultimately, after 2 1/2 days of shopping, we settled on an Omazz mattress- a 4 layers full latax mattress called FeDiko (4 layers Omazz mattress is only available in Singapore).

To you out there who is cracking your head (and nose, if your nose is sensitive to dust) to figure out which mattress to get: I understand and had been through your agony! I know how you feel and know what are your concerns. I also know how frustrating it is when most of us, who is dependent on the Internet as the main source of information, try to look for reviews/complaints about the particular mattresses that you have short-listed but have not managed to find any comprehensive reviews. In particularly, reviews from people who has been sleeping on that mattress for a couple of years. Wouldn't it be good if there is a website and forum that have people reviewing their mattresses after sleeping a couple of years?

Unfortunately, I think it's a norm for people not posting their reviews after trying out the mattress for a few years.

Thus, I've set up this blog with one aim - to provide continuous reviews on my Omazz mattress over the entire usage life so as to aid in your mattress hunting!

I've to admit that it will be difficult for me to maintain this blog over the next 5 to 10 years. But for the sake of all mattress buyers who is interested in the Omazz mattress.... I will be persistent! So ... cheer me on!

In the next few posts, I will share my 'mattress-hunting' journey with you. Within which, I will also share about the brands that my wife and I have short-listed and the reasons why we short-listed them and how the various mattresses feels.

Disclaimer: The intent of this blog is to share my experiences. This blog is not created to criticize, damage or promote any particular brand or model of mattresses.